Pitts S-1S CAD plan drawn in Fusion 360.

The product encompasses comprehensive half-scale R/C model drawings, available in Fusion 360 format. These drawings were crafted using Fusion 360's Direct Modeling mode, intentionally excluding any sketches, design history, or parametric relationships. The design of the model is based on the utilization of traditional construction techniques, specifically employing formers and ribs cut from poplar plywood, spruce beams, balsa covering in areas requiring increased rigidity, and motor and wheel covers made of fiberglass. The fuselage can be covered either with balsa or fiberglass sheets; rigid covering is recommended extending beyond the cockpit and in the upper section between the cockpit and the vertical stabilizer. Canvas or heat-shrinkable film is recommended for the covering. The drawing is created to facilitate the model's construction process, encompassing all essential plywood parts for CNC milling and providing a sturdy foundation for experienced modelers during the building process.

Buyers should be aware that although the model was designed by a constructor and modeler with lifelong experience, the model according to this drawing has not been built or tested at the time of publishing here. The creator does not assume any responsibility for flight characteristics or potential design errors. It is up to the buyer to assess whether their expertise is adequate for using the offered drawings to construct an airworthy model. The creator believes that the provided drawings will soon be used by buyers for construction, leading to the verification of the model's flight characteristics.

Please take note that the drawings are designed at a 1:2 scale, meaning they are in half scale. For this particular model, this translates to a wingspan of 2.64 meters, a length of 2.33 meters, and a height exceeding 1 meter. The weight of such a model is approximately 25 kilograms, and its operation often necessitates approval from relevant authorities in many countries due to its considerable size and weight.