Bellanca Xtreme Decathlon CAD plan drawn in Fusion 360.

The CAD plan was developed between 2019 and 2023. Similar to the original aircraft, this model is constructed using thin-wall steel tubes for the fuselage, elevator, and rudder. These steel tubes are skillfully hard-brazed within a plywood "lost" jig. The wing construction follows a traditional technique, featuring two main spars, each with two flanges, and ribs meticulously crafted from spruce spars within a mold. This construction method ensures both low weight and exceptional rigidity.

These drawings were meticulously crafted using Fusion 360's Direct Modeling mode, deliberately excluding any sketches, design history, or parametric relationships.

Presently, the model is in the midst of its assembly phase and has not yet taken to the skies. The creator does not assume any responsibility for flight characteristics or potential design errors. It is up to the buyer to assess whether their expertise is adequate for using the offered drawings to construct an airworthy model. The creator believes that the provided drawings will soon be used by buyers for construction, leading to the verification of the model's flight characteristics.

Please be aware that these drawings are designed at a 44% scale, resulting in a model that is 2.25 times smaller than the original aircraft. This translates to specific dimensions, including a wingspan of 4.175 meters, a length of 3.1 meters, and a height exceeding 1 meter. The anticipated weight of such a model is estimated to be approximately 38 kilograms. Due to its considerable size and weight, operating this model often requires approval from relevant authorities in many countries.